Are you receiving vetted candidates that will assimilate quickly, produce faster production, & retain longer.

You need to make the


backed by a 24 to 36 months

replacement guarantee

The Big Challenge in Recruiting and Retaining Engineering Leaders

Having 2-3 Candidates to Interview that can Meet the Objectives of the Role, Here’s How:

Identifies candidates that are BOTH a Role Fit and a Team Fit using science-based psychometrics

Document the depth of internal/external industry relationships and benchmarking performance

Candidates who develop IP, improve CX, fix issues, and reduce COGS

Evaluation and Assessment process that delivers new hires that give your business a new competitive edge

Our Perfected Methodology

The Hufford & Associates Retained Executive Search team consistently identify and deliver corporate decision makers and functional leaders who are influencers and help your company to build, grow, and stay competitive in the global marketplace.

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With 94% of Retention Rate at 5 years of hire, we have the experience/expertise to unearth and deliver Top 10% of Talent that will meet AND exceed your expectations.


We assess and deliver “A Player” candidates that thrive on living on the cutting edge as senior executives and functional leaders in Engineering (software, R&D, systems, hardware, pre and post sales) and customer-facing Product Management.


Our bleeding edge recruitment process measures both role and team fit, as well as accomplishments achieved, and skills used in a similar product/service environment.

Industry Focus and Expertise
Aerospace & Avionics

Aircraft Electrical Power Generation Systems

Cabin & In-Seat Power Supplies and Converters

Design/Develop Orbital Payload Rockets

UAVs – Drones: Commercial/Military AI-driven VR & AR

Autonomous Vehicles: UAM / VTOL / eVTOL

Orbital/Ground-based Satellites


People Space Transportation

Performance & Reputation by Hufford & Associates

Improving the Connectivity between Executive Recruiter, Candidate and Client

Success Based Flat Fees Performance Based & Reliable

Majority of our fee is based on deliverables and the hire


Working in true partnership with our clients


Clients utilize our executive search consultant's experience in the best possible solutions


Keeping the client abreast of the process and candidates - simple & hassle-free


Having the ability & tools to act immediately on client instructions


Keeping the client's best interests at the forefront


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Boeing Aerospace
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