UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) the wave of the future

Commerical UAV

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones, are aircraft that are operated without a human pilot on board. These vehicles are controlled remotely or through pre-programmed flight paths, and they can be used for a variety of tasks such as surveillance, reconnaissance, search and rescue, and delivery. UAV They come in a wide range […]

Ai Impacts Aerospace Power Management Systems

Ai Impacts Aerospace Power Management Systems

Ai impacts aerospace power management in the way it can collect data and make decisions on conversion, generation, and distribution.  In our modern technological society, controlling the flow of electricity is necessary to powering buildings, maintaining efficient computer systems, and providing energy to vehicle accessories. And it is critical to operating systems on airplanes and […]

Renewable Jet Fuels Viability in Commercial Flights


Renewable jet fuels changed in 2016 when regular flight operations of United Airlines started using RjF.  This marked the beginning of commercial-scale usage of the alternate jet fuel by aviation industry.  As of today the commercial viability has been achieved for renewable jet fuels through demonstration of techno-economic feasibility for production path-ways (processes) namely HEFA (Hydro-processed […]

Healthcare Cyber Attacks to Medical Devices, EMR Apps, and Cloud


Embracing next technology healthcare without adequate preparation will only open new risk avenues and threat vectors for healthcare cyber attacks.  Technology is perceived as a solution to address operational inefficiencies within the healthcare industry and to expand the reach of high quality healthcare services to remote regions. But the risks are mounting.   Vulnerable Devices […]

Military Stealth Tech What’s Coming – Looking Ahead


When the United States’ military stealth tech bomber was rumored and then when it made a public debut, it was the first-time advanced stealth technology was a reality instead of something out of a science fiction novel.   Even as the US was working on the tech to hide the profile of the bomber, work […]